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  • It will come with official download links and installation instructions.
  • This key will activate Windows 10 on one PC and will work on fresh or existing installations of Windows 10
  • You will get all official updates and support from Microsoft.
  • Supports all languages and works worldwide. Works for both 32/64 bit editions of Windows 10.
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  • Windows 10 Pro gives you the best experience for starting fast and getting things done
  • Windows Hello is the password-free sign-in that gives you the fastest, most secure way to unlock your Windows devices
  • Windows 10 Professional delivers comprehensive protection: Including antivirus, firewall, internet protections, and more
  • BitLocker data encryption and protection help keep your information safe
  • Hyper-V functionality lets you create virtual machines, while remote desktop allows you to log in from a different computer

Do things confidently

Windows 10 Pro was developed using feedback from millions of people, so you can feel confident that Windows 10 works the way you want it to. Additionally, Windows 10 Professional helps you stay current for a worry-free experience with the greatest features and our latest protection against viruses, phishing and malware.

A web that works the way you do

The all-new browser is great for getting things done online. Write or type directly on webpages and easily share the mark-ups; you’ll also like reading online articles free of distractions. The address bar gives you personalized recommendations to get you quickly to your online destination.

Take your gaming further

Great Xbox titles, the best of Xbox Live, and your Xbox community, achievements, and game collection via the Xbox app. You can even use your Xbox controller and stream Xbox One games on your home Windows 10 PC, laptop, or tablet.

Do things across your devices

Take your movies, music, and photos with you across all your devices with OneDrive. Plus, with OneDrive, you get 15GB of free storage space.

Do things magically

Cortana is your truly personal digital assistant who learns more about you over time. Cortana works across all your devices, from phone to tablet to PC, to help you do more and forget less.

511 reviews for Windows 10 Professional 32/64 Bit Retail License Key

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  2. Ravi Lakra (Verified Purchase)

    The Lowest price for Windows key I could find and quick delivery through Email. Genuine product 💯✅

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  4. Deepak kamble (Verified Purchase)

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    I am very happy to get Win 10 Pro digital license. It’s absolutely genuine and working nicely on my computer. A great product from ActSoftware.

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  13. Nilesh Wankhede (Verified Purchase)

    Fine work

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  15. Ranjith Kumar (Verified Purchase)

    Very easy process of activation of u have prev installed version of same.. Good response from seller.. Product delivered within minutes of payment.. Can be trusted 100percent..

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  18. Ashok (Verified Purchase)

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  23. nitish kumar shakya (Verified Purchase)

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  28. PAMPA BANERJEE (Verified Purchase)

    Very nice

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    Easy Installation..

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    Genuine Product key. I received immediately after buy Product key and successfully activated.
    Thanks ActSoftware Team.

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    have a nice experience with the website.Codes working properly..thanks

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    हरि ॐ…देर ही सही…पर प्रोडक्ट अच्छा दिया जी
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    ನಾನು ನನ್ನ ವಿಂಡೋಸ್ ಸಕ್ರಿಯಗೊಳಿಸುವ ಕೀಗಳನ್ನು ಪಡೆದುಕೊಂಡಿದ್ದೇನೆ, ನಾವು ಈ ವೆಬ್‌ಸೈಟ್ ಅನ್ನು ನಂಬಬಹುದು

    ( I got my windows activation keys, we can trusted this website )

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    Smooth guided Registration

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    Initially, I thought it was a prank by someone, but based on the customer’s review, I bought it at my own risk, but I was wrong it works perfectly, I activated my windows It took 2 mins, ActSoftware delivered the key instantly I made the payment. Thank you ActSoftware

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    Key worked without issues. Windows 10 got activated instantly. Instructions are clear. Happy with the purchase

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    Very good service, initially was skeptical about the website but after reading some reviews which looked genuine so instantly purchased it, got my windows 10 activated in couple of hours, thank you Actsoftware, highly recommended!!

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    I purchased Windows keys and working for me perfectly. Thank you for your great support & being a trusted site

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    It was an awesome experience. I initially was skeptical about this website, its pricings and little bit hesitant before making my purchase. However, I was finally confident and positive after seeing numerous positive reviews and success stories. I got the keys delivered with all the important instructions one day after my purchase, unfortunately it got little bit delayed for my case as they were out of stock for sometime. The support team communicated the same and they kept their promise delivered it as promised. It worked perfectly fine with me. Now I’m having a full activated Windows 10 pro copy. A big thanks to the team.

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    It was the best experience. I did have my doubt about the price they displayed, I searched some other websites which displays above ₹1000.I was hoping for less price and good product, then I ordered it.
    So it’s the best one anyone can ever hope for.

    Though I get my product a bit late because of some technical issues. But no worries it gives you the best one comparatively from other websites.

    Thank you

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    Excellent, working fine…

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    Really happy with the purchase. The key shared by ACT worked without any hassle.

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    Within 30 minutes I got the License Key and it is working and my Windows 10 is now original OS. Excellent and genuine product.

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    Tested and trusted. But Why so cheap no idea

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    Product key is 100% genuine. No doubt. Unbelievable. Thank you so much. I going to order 6 more for my 6 more pcs in my office.

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    Thanks Team to Provide us better resoluton. its as simple Process

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    thanks u gyes for giving me the Win 10 Pro Retail Key its genuine it took a lil time to deliver this key to my mail but it activated my Win 10 Home to Win 10 Pro in no time & i ll again buy some more key from your site because i m your permanent customer now

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    Man what to tell it worked with not a single percent of problem. I got the license key as soon as the transaction was successful. I entered the product key and my windows got activated within seconds. Very best and genuine website is “ACTSOFTWARE”.😍 Must buy.😎

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    Bought 2 Product keys, Both didn’t work at start, both had different errors
    Really thought I was scammed

    But It WORKED

    Support staff gave speedy replies and helped solve them. Little inconvenient since had to wait for support team, but they were faster than expected.

  437. insomnicankit (Verified Purchase)

    I had trouble in the beginning. But customer support is great. It all worked in the end.

  438. Gagan Deep Singh (Verified Purchase)

    Works, but had to contact Actsoftware support to provide the Confirmation ID, for my installation ID.

  439. Arul Shanmugam (Verified Purchase)

    Bought again for the second time formyfriend. Instant delivery. Worked fine no problem. Very genuine.

  440. actsoftware (store manager)

    Sorry for the trouble, please do not worry. This is a common issue that happens with certain machines.

    On the Activation page find the option “Activate by phone”.
    Click there and the window for activation by phone will open.
    Select your country as India and then it will give you an Installation ID.
    Carefully type and send that Installation ID to us.

  441. Arul Shanmugam (Verified Purchase)

    Got one. It’s working flawlessly. Going to buy some more for friends.

  442. Arul Shanmugam (Verified Purchase)

    Wonderful. It’s working perfectly. Excellent customer support incase you face any problems. They are very genuine.

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    Quick/fast and the price is so attractive, I got the key just after the payment in seconds and I am a new user of this website
    good job Actsoftware, it’s just too good!

  444. Sindhya peter

    Testing if review section is genuine

  445. Aritra Banik (Verified Purchase)

    First my windows doesn’t activated, then second key provided & windows 10 pro get activated… Thanks a lot! Excellent customer support 👏

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    Oh sorry, I wrote negative feedback , first my Windows 10 Pro was not activated as provided key was failed to do so..yepp It all goes fine Act Software owner provide me another genuine key. Thanks a lot… I will prefer your website to all my freinds… And I will surely buy another key from you

    Thanks again

  447. Mohd Anas (Verified Purchase)

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    Thank you….

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    Lol. This actually work. I was worried it was scam. Only paid 550 for Windows. How? F

  452. Gokul (Verified Purchase)

    I made this purchase with doubt and just thought of giving it a try. Once I made the purchase, I received an email with clear instructions on how to proceed further and after following the process, I was still not able to activate windows. Then I contacted the support team and they helped me to activate. Really appreciate the service.

  453. Ajay (Verified Purchase)

    Thank you so much sir , i made an order doubtfully but its really worked a lot to my windows 10 pro lappy . Finally the day is came to say good bye to KMS auto tool. No more any turn off to my windows defender

  454. srivastavsanskar550 (Verified Purchase)

    This is not a scam at all, i got the key in my email after 17 hours from the purchase time.
    The key at first showed me some error and i thought it is a scam BUT IT IS NOT! I did a troubleshoot and it was an error from windows itself, hopefully the trubleshoot fixed it and i got windows 10 pro genuine version in my pc! Don’t miss this chance guys, they also have an amazing Support system which will reply to your questions within atleast 30 hours.

  455. hassan.rahamathullah (Verified Purchase)

    Legit. Works like charm!

  456. Vikram Kumar Lepakshi (Verified Purchase)

    It’s genuine. Go for it.
    Thank you for prompt response.

  457. Vaisakh Sivadas (Verified Purchase)


    Consider me one of you. I am not a guy who spend money in a third-party site like this that too without hearing / referred by any other trusted site. But to be honest, I just tried this one. surprisingly I got the keys the next second once the payment is done, the page redirects to the page with instructions and the genuine key. Initially I faced an error while trying to install the Key. but waiting two to 5 minutes, the original windows activation goes. I tried restarting the machine and that makes the trick. Windows activated as pro. thanks team. and its genuine. Trust these guys.

  458. Paul Sudhakar (Verified Purchase)

    This is original Activated. Thank you so much guys.

  459. vir

    I got key

  460. H R Patel (Verified Purchase)

    Thank you …. its amazing i have got the key within half second. and activated within few second. hurra thanks

  461. Sai setty

    Its working, so glad.

  462. Anbu (Verified Purchase)

    W10Pro Key worked well. Now my windows is Genuine.

  463. Vishal SN (Verified Purchase)

    The website looked shady, then I read the reviews. Seemed pretty legit so I went for it and I wasn’t disappointed. Got the Activation key in the mail just seconds after the purchase and IT WORKED!!!
    I don’t usually write reviews so this says a lot. Well done with the service ACTSOFTWARE Team!

  464. pillaishyamkumar (Verified Purchase)

    Just made the payment and received the key both on email and at the payment completion page. Activation was also super quick. Was amazed that i got the key so cheap. Thanks ActSoftware

  465. Arushi

    Wow!! Superb. Thanks, team, for helping me throughout the process.

  466. MCV (Verified Purchase)

    My personal experience:
    Thank you team for the instant response.I purchased product key yesterday and got delivered instantly along with invoice. I entered the code in my pc and I started downloading I thought it’s working but after download completed the original licence in my pc erased. I thought something wrong with this key and I mailed the team and restated my pc. After restart completed, my pc opened without windows key activated. Asking for key to enter. And I entered the key they have sent. It successfully completed and win 10 pro activated 🙂. Sorry team for writing wrong review earlier. Don’t bother with errors after purchase this team is always happy to serve.
    As I don’t know how to check whether it’s lifetime or not after activation, can’t judge the same.

    Thank you once again.

  467. ARUN

    Genuine product

  468. Phuman Singh

    Superb experience. Its real, effective and very fast. The prices seems very unreal but the codes work. Thats what matyers.

  469. Chandan

    It was really nice experience. Could not believe earlier that this is legit. Bang for the buck.

  470. Anoop

    Really fantastic

  471. Abdul Razzak

    Excellent Service !!


    Good working

  473. jeswin staynes

    just now received the key a very fast delivery after the payment thank you so much… softkart

  474. Manish Yadav

    May be there working methods are different, First Seems shady but after few hours they helped me out
    everything is working flawless now.

  475. Udayakumar

    Key working fine Good support 👍

  476. Debasish Pandey

    It worked like a charm!!! My first key didn’t work. So had them sent a mail. They got back to me within 12 hours asking me to install anydesk so that they can remotely work on my pc to fix the issue. So they did it.
    When you order, you may get the key soon or late but no later than 24 hours. Trust me !!

  477. Harish Suthar

    Sorry for last review,
    My computer activated now.
    Now I’ll purchase windows office 2019

  478. Kushal chakraborty


  479. Arin Verma

    Got the key in a second. Thank you

  480. Ajay Kimar

    I am so happy today. I purchases the key, firstly it didn’t work, but with their remote access using anydesk assistance, the support executive solved my error and activated my windows with in 5 mins. It was so good see such an expensive product with in very very less amount. Thanks softkart


    Activated. Thanks

  482. Isaac

    Reading all these comments gave me way more doubt that this is a scam but I’m surprised that it really worked.
    Ordered on 7/8/2021 7:30 Pm got the code on 8/8/2021 6:15 Am. Everything works, I had already installed Win10 from the Microsoft website I just input the key and it got activated.
    Thanks Softkart.

  483. arinverma37

    Awesome man it really works. Thanks softkart

  484. Udbhav Mallick

    Got activation key within 3sec after payment.
    100% working genuine windows 10 product key with permanent activation.
    Definately reccomend it.

  485. rejeev cv

    the support team is really supportive. thank you guys. Key is working. They help me to upgrade to windows 10 home to windows 10 pro.(it takes some extra steps)

  486. Akshay Agarwal

    Go for it without a doubt!
    While reading the reviews, the thoughts that come to mind – “Are these reviews fake?” or “Have they put these reviews out here themselves, just to lure us into paying?”. Trust me, I had the exact same thoughts but it is working like a charm for me.

    The key won’t arrive instantaneously (at least for me, it didn’t), so don’t lose hope!
    Don’t give it a thought, it is 10000% genuine.

    If you face any issues do reach out to them, they are really proactive in resolving any issues!

  487. Rahul Singh

    I ordered a Windows 10 Pro Retail key on 04 May 2021, the key didn’t come immediately as mentioned in the description. Being just Rs. 399 I had given up and thought that my money went down the drain. But the next morning I received an email with a digital key, and I installed it on my system. It worked as described and now my Windows 10 Pro copy is activated with a digital retail key.

  488. Vigneshwaran Vinayagam

    It works perfectly. initially i got error as the license key is already used. then I mailed the support team. they did the great job. they usually reply within 24hrs and solve the issue. I would suggest this product

  489. Amruth Monnappa

    Key works perfectly
    Q:will there be any issues in the upadtes

  490. Vijay Pamula

    The best in the market at really affordable prices.

  491. Tele Sited (Suchandan Biswas)

    Great product at unbelievably cheap price. There was a little glitch which was resolved amazingly fast enough from Softkart team. Thanks for such a product.

  492. Priyanshu Tiwari

    It is very good and real .

  493. Komal Roy

    its genuine site and license key is working 100%.

  494. navaleenterprise

    excellent delivery and i must say a very good end support for activation query from customer. full rating for quick response from support section. Thank you for all round support.

  495. Harshita

    Great support . Activating windows was real quick .
    Thanks to the team .

  496. Sethu

    Great support team, quickly fixed my WIN10 lisence.thanks

  497. cutebsahu

    I bought windows 10 pro license but it’s didn’t work . After the error the support team help me and fixed the issue within 2-3 hours. Thank you for the service 💯.

  498. Mohammed Shiraz

    I bought window 10 pro license but gave me an error. Took a screenshot and sent it to the team and they promptly fixed my issue. Thanks so much!

    My feedback- please have a platform where it will be easy to upload docs and communicate with you. Whatsapp should also be fine. Your responses are prompt. An app like that will even better your services.

    Definitely Recommend to use SOFTKART.

    I’ll be coming back for more products



  500. Manish Singh

    I was a bit sceptical at first but the product was dirt cheap so decided to give it a go. Got a 100% genuine key right away within a minute! Go for it guys it without any worries guys.

  501. Mathan S

    This is 100% genuine. Service is so good. Trust them 100%. Worth of buying this. Thank you softcard

  502. Kiruthiga Janani

    Thanks Softkart for the excellent service.

  503. Saurabh Teli

    This is 100% genuine. Didn’t think it was initially because of the price but works!

  504. Sudarshan Reddy

    Super service within seconds the licence key has arrived and windows activated trusted site👍

  505. gaurav9972shankar

    100 percent original product
    i had a delay in receiving the product
    but its worth it


    Got the Key in 1 second after payment. The Service is great, I Purchased this for my Windows 10 Home to Pro Upgrade, I was not able to activate. The Suppport Guy Replied Immediately in Mid Night (1AM) and helped me activate in Just 10 Minutes.

    Super Service.

  507. Virender Bhati

    Thanks softkart for this, it work like a charm, 100% working activation key for windows 10 pro. Get key with in a second after payment.

  508. Kingshuk Biswas

    Sorry for my previous rating. Please don’t publish those. I was worrying since you didn’t reply for 10 hours. Now I got the Windows 10 Pro License Key and I activated it. Thanks a lot. You guys save my day.

  509. Mr keerthi Ganesh

    Excellent service by softkart.
    My windows 10 activated instantly on Microsoft site.
    Please keep up the good service team.

  510. Hrithik Padamata

    WOW.i didn’t expect that it will work. works perfectly. its a genuine website. Thank you 🙂

  511. Shahid Bhat

    Wanted for Home to Pro upgrade. Didn’t think it was legit website. But worked perfectly for me. Thanks 👍🏻

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