Office 2019 Professional Plus – Lifetime Retail License Key


✅ The license key will be sent to your email address immediately after payment.
✅ The key will come with official download links and simple installation instructions.
✅ It will activate Office 2019 Professional Plus on one PC running Windows 10.
✅ You will get all official updates and support from Microsoft.
✅ Supports all languages and works worldwide. Works for both 32/64 bit editions.

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  • Easy replacement warranty
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Microsoft Office Professional 2019 provides the essentials to get it all done. Ideal for small businesses and families who need the most popular Microsoft Office apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and importantly Publisher, Access and Outlook.

With Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus, you will receive the key Microsoft tools to keep you organized and productive whether that be through your business or in the comfort of your own home.

In this package, you will receive:
  • Microsoft Publisher 2019
  • Microsoft Access 2019
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
  • Microsoft Word 2019
  • Microsoft Excel 2019
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2019
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Lync

164 reviews for Office 2019 Professional Plus – Lifetime Retail License Key

  1. Marcus D. (Verified Purchase)

  2. RANJIT (Verified Purchase)

    Genius key provided,this very trusted site I seen,they deliver key within seconds after payment.

  3. VARUN V (Verified Purchase)

  4. Vinoth Venakadesan (Verified Purchase)


  5. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Product work properly. Activate genuinely.

  6. Pradeep Ps (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent service !!

  7. NISAR ALI (Verified Purchase)

  8. Yusuf Shaikh (Verified Purchase)

    It works well. Please try it if u need a genuine rather than piarte . It doesn’t have any kind of virus.i am happy.strongly recommend.

  9. yogesh limbu (Verified Purchase)


  10. scsm scsm (Verified Purchase)

  11. scsm scsm (Verified Purchase)

  12. NISAR ALI (Verified Purchase)


  13. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine. No issues till now.

  14. pradeep k. (Verified Purchase)

    good and working excellent

  15. NISAR ALI (Verified Purchase)


  16. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Activation could be done without any hitch. The response of the support team, to the mail, was immediate. It is working perfectly. Thanks a ton. Customers can purchase reliably and activate by following the instructions.

  17. suman Reddy (Verified Purchase)

    Very good product

  18. shazia malik (Verified Purchase)

    So far good

  19. Armstrong (Verified Purchase)

    Fully satisfied with the purchases with ActSoftware. Since few years I am suggesting my friends to use this affordable service.

  20. Sujoy Roy (Verified Purchase)

    Unbelievable. Thank you.

  21. Ankit Jangra (Verified Purchase)

    please send confirmation id on mail and kindly reply timly i am waiting for two days

  22. Mayur (Verified Purchase)

    easy to use and simple. I recommend this. best price best result

  23. Sujoy (Verified Purchase)

    I am so glad that I came to know you. You have been so kind to me to help me even I changed my motherboard. A big thank you to you.

  24. Rakesh Sharma (Verified Purchase)

    All good

  25. Gajendrakumar Kirtankar (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent Service

  26. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    I was so easy and perfect.

  27. Ashutosh Mukherjee (Verified Purchase)

    It worked.

  28. Satyanarayana Atreyapurapu (Verified Purchase)

  29. Nayankumar C. (Verified Purchase)

    Genuine service offered. I got lifetime Office 2019 Professional Plus for just Rs. 549. Happy with the service. Good customer care support.

  30. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  31. nitish kumar shakya (Verified Purchase)

  32. Pranav (Verified Purchase)

    Great services.

  33. Prakash S (Verified Purchase)


  34. Mukesh (Verified Purchase)

    I had an issue with the activation and in the next few minutes, I got the replacement. The customer service couldn’t get any better. Thank you, team!

  35. RBB (Verified Purchase)

    The best service and good response to the problem..thank you so much

  36. Ramesh M. (Verified Purchase)

    Very Good Customer service. Key supplied did not work, but on informing the same ActSoftware replaced it immediately.

  37. Anil Kumar (Verified Purchase)

  38. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Good one time purchase

  39. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Simple and easy process.

  40. SOURAV SEN (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent service

  41. Vinoth Venakadesan (Verified Purchase)

    💯 working and go-ahead without any single doubt

  42. Kishan Pankhania (Verified Purchase)

    Very good product

  43. PIYUSH VAISHNAVSWAMI (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent service.. Recommended

  44. Ankur Niranjan (Verified Purchase)

    Good deal

  45. Arvind namdev (Verified Purchase)

  46. shanavas s (Verified Purchase)

  47. Santosh (Verified Purchase)

    Works Like a Charm

  48. Krishna Mohan (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent support , Excellent driven process and procedure, easy to install.

  49. Sunny S. (Verified Purchase)

    100% working, activate in just a seconds, perfect

  50. Hemanth Karthikeyan (Verified Purchase)

    Cool Buy!

  51. Balamurugan Shanmugam (Verified Purchase)

    The license key got accepted and I got the message that the ‘Product is activated’. But I did not get the activation screen where we can activate through telephone and it did not ask me the Installation Id, just after entering the product key it got worked.

  52. DEENADAYALAN D (Verified Purchase)

  53. Kesavan G (Verified Purchase)

    Great post sale support. Helped in activating the same

  54. Zodina Fanai (Verified Purchase)

  55. Akash Kapse (Verified Purchase)

    Purchased multiple keys awesome service and geniune keys . Than You

  56. Ramamurthy K. (Verified Purchase)

    My problems were solved and it’s a good support from Act software

  57. NIKHIL (Verified Purchase)

    Very good customer support

  58. Lucky Syiemlieh (Verified Purchase)

    Service is Good. But sometimes it takes time to get the activation key

  59. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  60. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Good service

  61. RAMACHANDRAN NAIR (Verified Purchase)

    Very good

  62. Ashish K. (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent, quickly got my serial numbers

  63. A (Verified Purchase)

  64. Prashant Menon (Verified Purchase)

  65. Semyul Parmar (Verified Purchase)

    Great! Amazing

  66. Krishnasis Das (Verified Purchase)


  67. hrittick h n. (Verified Purchase)

    excellent and reliable service.

  68. Tushar Divekar (Verified Purchase)

    Save Money

  69. ANUP SUBUDHI (Verified Purchase)

  70. Geethu P George (Verified Purchase)

  71. Aymen Alhejri (Verified Purchase)

  72. Diganta Bag (Verified Purchase)

    Finally A Good Website, Everything Works Fine But If I able to get office 365 in my personal account that should be good, then I took office 365
    I want more software in low prices

  73. Maalola Shared Services (Verified Purchase)

  74. Somashekar (Verified Purchase)

    The purchase process was smooth, instant code delivery and activating was also smooth process, just enter the code and the product is instantly activated. All through smooth experience and great affordable price.

  75. ritik ahuja (Verified Purchase)

  76. Deepak S. (Verified Purchase)


  77. Amandeep Singh (Verified Purchase)

    This is the second product I purchased on this website and I was completely satisfied with the service provided. The product ID was provided immediately and detailed procedure for activating the Office 2019 was also explained. I had no problem in activating the product.

  78. Mohammed Ashraf (Verified Purchase)


  79. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  80. JOHNY NALIATH (Verified Purchase)

    Its very easy to activate. Fully satisfied

  81. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    good first time not ok . support is good and got a another key

  82. rajesh kumar (Verified Purchase)

    No problems activating Office

  83. Arun Chauhan (Verified Purchase)

    At first there is a doubt in my mind that will it work or not? but after took a chance it was very easy to set up ms office 2019 with easy steps they provide to their customers and i am really glad that i am using ms office 2019 professional plus with lifetime validity in such a less amount. Thanks to the ActSoftware for providing this at this cost.

  84. rabik r (Verified Purchase)


  85. oneel uk (Verified Purchase)


  86. Ramesh (Verified Purchase)

  87. Amith Mohan (Verified Purchase)

    I was searching for MS office everywhere and then I stumbled across ActSoftware. I was a bit sceptical first but after installation and entering the product key I’m convinced that it’s genuine and would recommend this to anyone out there who is searching for the same. Just follow the steps mentioned in the mail and it’s done.

  88. Ravi Kumar


  89. Abhishek R. (Verified Purchase)

  90. oneel uk (Verified Purchase)


  91. Ravi Yadav (Verified Purchase)


  92. oneel uk (Verified Purchase)

    Sometime it takes time to show the Product Key otherwise no Issue With it 😄

  93. kamesh S (Verified Purchase)

    good and reasonable price tag

  94. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  95. Pavan Pk (Verified Purchase)

    Although key was not received immediately after payment because of some issues, customer care was very helpful in getting it early within 5-6 hours

  96. Vishnukant Gawade (Verified Purchase)


  97. Sanyog Verma (Verified Purchase)

    I am very happy with your service

  98. Koushik (Verified Purchase)

    Genuine and fast delivery. Overall experience was great. Thank you guys. Keep going.

  99. Suresh Kumar (Verified Purchase)

  100. PARESH SOLANKI (Verified Purchase)

  101. ANUP SUBUDHI (Verified Purchase)

    Very good

  102. Akash Rane (Verified Purchase)

  103. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Its working

  104. Sathish M G (Verified Purchase)

  105. Darpan vaghela (Verified Purchase)

    Its great and budget frendly everyone can afford it and use licence version
    But hope it will work life long

  106. ACHYUTH (Verified Purchase)

    Glad I found this website.. Easiest way to purchase and install office.. Thanks!

  107. Sameer (Verified Purchase)

    Software working ok

  108. Mithun Biswas (Verified Purchase)

    All is fine but

  109. INDU T. (Verified Purchase)

    Smooth Activation

  110. trade t. (Verified Purchase)


  111. K C K. (Verified Purchase)

  112. Anto (Verified Purchase)

    Work’s Fine and Happy with the product…

  113. Subhankar (Verified Purchase)

    Very cheap & very fast service. Got the product key immediately after payment and the activation was also done without any issues. Vey happy with the lifetime license.

  114. Chirag Bharodia (Verified Purchase)

  115. NEHA R BANERJEE (Verified Purchase)

    You all did very good with my software and activation. I recommended the same for my husband and he bought Office 2021 immediately seeing how nicely my works. But it didn’t. His software is still stuck as ids are not generating from Get CID and it keeps saying Exceeded IID

  116. trade t. (Verified Purchase)

    Simply Superb

  117. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent, working fine…

  118. Prakash (Verified Purchase)

    This software running smoothly I’m really happy purchased this software.

  119. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Very good experience

  120. ROMIZUDDIN AHMED (Verified Purchase)

    Very good and user friendly, easy to activate

  121. Amit (Verified Purchase)

    Easy and hassle free process once you follow the instructions

  122. Raguram R. (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent service. Good value buy

  123. Murshid (Verified Purchase)

    Very nice and very easy to install.

  124. navin t. (Verified Purchase)

    Good experience

  125. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Easy way to get genuine license

  126. Monsy Wilson

    I am checking it

  127. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Trusted place to get license. Happy with the service

  128. Lucky Syiemlieh (Verified Purchase)

  129. Lucky Syiemlieh (Verified Purchase)

  130. Abhijit Dutta (Verified Purchase)

    The product is genuine. The product key was sent to my email ID immediately after the purchase.
    I have activated office with the key.
    LifeTime validity remains to be seen.

    One more thing I would like to add that I have uninstalled and installed twice. And the same key was authorised everytime. So I think the key is genuine.

  131. Lucky Syiemlieh (Verified Purchase)

  132. JOHNY NALIATH (Verified Purchase)

    Very is to install. Got prompt support while installing.

  133. Ashvinkumar Padmashali

    Works completely fine. They give geniue account for use. Definitely worth it👍

  134. Abdul Azeez (Verified Purchase)

    Apologies for the previous review
    The fact is if there is office 365 already installed in your system please uninstall it and then run this
    It will work fine

  135. Subodh Joshi (Verified Purchase)

    It worked as it promised. But it didn’t ask for the described method and directly activated the product with the key it provided. Working perfectly.

  136. Abhishek Jain (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent and genuine product. Fast and easy to install product key. Highly recommended.

  137. Mrityunjay Chowdhury (Verified Purchase)

    Worked well. It is working like a charm.
    I have contacted the MS office customer care.
    They have confirmed that the product key is geniune..

    Thanks to the seller for providing the geniune key

  138. shankarr993 (Verified Purchase)

    Actually, I don’t spend time writing reviews but after seeing this product, I feel to write a one, it’s absolutely genuine and simple to install, keep doing guys. And thanks for the great product at the minimal prize

  139. Ranjit P (Verified Purchase)

    working fine with good support

  140. Nithish S (Verified Purchase)

    Waah .. awesome it is a genuine license go for it
    Thanks for selling the key for this price

  141. Anshu (Verified Purchase)

    Worked for me as well 😊

  142. A S Raghu Bhooshan (Verified Purchase)

    Worked for me

  143. prashant.elex.eng (Verified Purchase)

    Worked like a charm, the only time consuming activity is the downloading of the 4GB image file which you have no control over. Thank you for clean installation and hassle free activation !

  144. m shuyaib

    ya its genuine. i was worried about my 599, but it was for couple of seconds. they provided the key within 5secs. im not doing paid promotion im a happy buyer

  145. Vijay Palaniappan (Verified Purchase)

    I regret myself, i have not received code immediately and felt bad I lost money, but before 24 hours I got them and activated. Now am super happy. Thanks guys!! Keep going.

  146. Vivekanand Belavadi (Verified Purchase)

    Worked like a charm. Product key was sent to my email as soon as payment was completed. Microsoft 2019 got enabled immediately after following the provided instructions, which were very clear.

  147. Aniruddha Bandyopadhyay (Verified Purchase)

    The product is working fine. Please be careful about the process of activation. When you will understand it, this can be the best purchase ever by you. Thanks ACTSOFTWARE.

  148. Sai Ramesh (Verified Purchase)


    I have bought on 23 August 2021 and can confirm that the purchased software is WORKING FINE.
    I doubted about the site because of the price. But the account activated and it is working fine.
    My mistake, that I did not follow the instructions properly and failed to activate the account initially. But later with support (there could be some delay) I am able to realize my mistake and I am able to activate the software.
    Rating 4 as there was delay (12 hours) in response. Thank you

  149. Amritanshu Pushkar (Verified Purchase)

    I am so happy to say that this works. Trust me, it does.
    I just received my license key and have just activated it which has a license for a lifetime. I am super happy with my purchase and I honestly believed this to be a too good to be true deal but yeah, the price does justify the authenticity of the product key I was delivered!

  150. Pankaj Kumar (Verified Purchase)

    Its been successfully verified on, now i am downloading my product.
    Well i though i was going to lose Mr RS600, but just after payment, it showed my produce key, and shared the same over mail.

    I was unsure about buying, but i took the risk. In reward you i get office 2019, amazing!

  151. Amit Shaw (Verified Purchase)

    Frankly saying, I could not believe this is genuine. MS Office Pro 2019 for lifetime at just INR 599. But I took the risk and purchased and I was amazed. Thank you Act Software team for this. You are doing a great job.

  152. Mukesh Kumar (Verified Purchase)

    It was worth taking risk to buy the retail key. Thank you!

    You guys are doing a great job.

  153. sreekrishnang (Verified Purchase)

    Writing reviews is a bit of laziness for me & I hardly write in sentences & I comment only in one word reply. But here I want to really give my good credits to this team. For the last two days I was really in trouble as my computer crashed and my office could not be reinstalled. I tried lots of method to do so & finally only today I had got the software installed.
    It was really wavering situation about this Microsoft office 2019 as this was so cheap. But took my chance and immediately after payment I got the license key. They have kept up their word and promises as said in their specs. The whole Process was very simple. Key was very much genuine & I am really happy with purchase.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.
    all the best.

  154. surdeep raj (Verified Purchase)

    its very good product first my key was blocked customer team responce it quickly and gave me other activation key thans team it works very goood

  155. Vijayraj Rathore (Verified Purchase)

    It worked for me
    Key I got after 1 day but thanks
    guys go for it.

  156. Vivek Wani (Verified Purchase)

    Activation Issue, solved quickly…

  157. Rohit K (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine and there support team work really good.

  158. sulaimanma

    nice really genuine product key

  159. abhilash kolpurath (Verified Purchase)

    Working perfect

  160. Anish (Verified Purchase)

    Normally I don’t write review as it’s time consuming writing it as I hope it will help other people AND also help in reducing piracy
    I was little skeptical about getting Microsoft office 2019 for this cheap but I took my chance and immediately after payment I got the license key.
    Process is very simple
    Go to
    Login or sign up
    And enter the key
    Download the software and run it and activate it online

    Key is genuine. I happy with my purchase.

  161. Anonymous

    Keep up the good work

  162. deepshubham13

    I was skeptical in making payment but then went and really it is 100% genuine really hats off guys you are the best 🙂 thanks for saving the day

  163. vinod sharma

    provided on time support for overcome the activation issue

  164. Hrithik Padamata

    Worked perfectly in a single click! Thank you guys

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