Office 365 Professional Plus Lifetime – 5 Devices

Original price was: ₹4,990.00.Current price is: ₹699.00.

  • Lifetime license NO MONTHLY FEES
  • Use on up to 5 different devices
  • Sent to your email immediately after payment
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher & Access Included
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Office 365 Professional Plus Lifetime

What’s Included:

  • Get the latest Office suite of applications – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher & Access
  • This software is multi-language, you can use your language while installing.
  • You’ll receive the details of your new Microsoft Online account together with very simple instructions on how to download, install & register/activate your software from Microsoft’s Website.
  • The details will be sent to your email immediately after payment.

Lifetime license NO MONTHLY FEES

No monthly subscription required. Buy once and you’re set, including future updates and security patches to Office 365.

Please note:

This is a NEW Microsoft account. There is no CD, key or serial code included with the purchase!

This cannot be used to renew an existing subscription You cannot use your own email for this.

We will send you a username and password for your new account with instructions on how to install it.


  • Q. Do I get a download link to the application?
  • A. Yes, you will receive an account where desktop applications can be downloaded.
  • Q: Are these licenses legitimate?
  • A: Yes, the licenses are legitimate and authentic. The license is a business license that forms part of an academic license.
  • Q: Can I seek Microsoft customer care help if needed in the future?
  • A: Yes, you can get support directly from Microsoft.
  • Q. What Operating system does it support?
  • A. Licenses work on both x86 (32bit) and x64 (64bit) versions of Windows 8.1 or Later and also Mac Os X Yosemite or Later.
  • Q. Can I use this with Android and iPhones or iPads?
  • A. Yes, download the relevant apps from the app store and login in with the provided account to activate on your device.
  • Q. Can I renew or upgrade my current Office 365 Subscription?
  • A. No, we provide a new account with a new license, it cannot be used to renew or upgrade or current subscription.
  • Q. I have an older version of office already installed on my device, what should I do?
  • A. We recommend removing this before installing any applications from the account.
  • Q. Can I use my own email address, name, and other personal details?
  • A. No, this is not currently supported. Customization is currently not possible.
  • Q. Can I store all my data on OneDrive?
  • A. Yes, you might but please note that OneDrive storage is complimentary which we provide with office apps. We suggest you do not use it to store critical data. If an account goes down, we can easily replace it but we cannot recover data from OneDrive.

694 reviews for Office 365 Professional Plus Lifetime – 5 Devices

  1. NAITIK G. (Verified Purchase)

    Impressive service. I would love for you to have much more subscribers

  2. yonishantsingh2 (Verified Purchase)

    Real, Cheap & Amazing

  3. Goutam Mandal (Verified Purchase)

    Very nice and authentic service

  4. M Vivek (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent working

  5. Sardar Babu K. (Verified Purchase)

    It delivered instantly and using in Macbook

  6. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine in mac os

  7. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine in mac os

  8. Ajit (Verified Purchase)

  9. ashok mishra (Verified Purchase)

    Great Suuport

  10. gaurav kumar (Verified Purchase)


  11. Pankajakshan P. (Verified Purchase)

    Ok finally I got the app installed. It working well.

  12. ANIL (Verified Purchase)

    Very nice.. Working perfectly. At first I thought it won’t work. But it is all good.. Thanks to you for providing.

  13. Upendra (Verified Purchase)

    Easy to download, works flawlessly.

  14. JEYARAJ (Verified Purchase)

    Best & Fast Service

  15. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Worked as advertised

  16. ADITYA SAVIRMATH (Verified Purchase)

    Works flawlessly. Thank you. Looking forward for more purchases in future

  17. Hrutvik Joshi (Verified Purchase)

    So for used product for 4 devices and working properly. Hope this continues.

  18. Bhupendra Singh (Verified Purchase)

    Thank you really worth it.😁

  19. Dilip Khosla (Verified Purchase)

    I am a guy who has always used genuine software. Both our sons are into cyber security and will not allow any piracy. I gave my MacBook Pro for repair and the Apple guys wiped of all my stuff including Microsoft office.
    Was reluctant to use this but took a chance.
    No issues at all and the installation is Microsoft approved.
    Too good

  20. shivin (Verified Purchase)


  21. Panner Selvam (Verified Purchase)

  22. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  23. nagesh ch (Verified Purchase)

  24. Suraj Thakur (Verified Purchase)

  25. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine in mac os

  26. Nandkumar Santhanam (Verified Purchase)

    value for money

  27. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Fast. Real updates after install. I was thinking this might be risky but appears really good. Thanks for saving me $$

  28. BIPLAB KUMAR DUTTA (Verified Purchase)

  29. Mrityunjay (Verified Purchase)

    Functioning smoothly

  30. KAPIL S. (Verified Purchase)

  31. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  32. Venkatesh Naidu (Verified Purchase)

    Getting the email, password and download were all a breeze and instantly done. OneDrive on both MacBook and iPhone were 1TB. Only it remains to be seen if it is truly lifetime or for 1 year. Anyway, ₹630 is a deal.

  33. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    works fine. just follow the steps.

  34. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)


  35. Naveen (Verified Purchase)

  36. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  37. ANADI VERMA (Verified Purchase)

  38. SRINITHI (Verified Purchase)


  39. Ronnie Fraser (Verified Purchase)

    Value for money

  40. Amber Mehta (Verified Purchase)

    It’s good and perfect but kindly update it so many features not working please example automate features script not working which is must for people like me..

  41. Arun Kumar Das (Verified Purchase)

    Very good experience.Activating got within minute

  42. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    ist working

  43. vikram (Verified Purchase)


  44. amogh mm (Verified Purchase)

    trustworthy and smooth installation

  45. Puneet Sawhney (Verified Purchase)


  46. SAHIL RATHEE (Verified Purchase)

  47. Sanjay Verma (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent product

  48. Pallavi Holla (Verified Purchase)

  49. Debraj Basak (Verified Purchase)

    Apart from Onedrive all other services are working fine. Onedrive during login showing unexpected error. Other apps ( Word , Excel , PowerPoint etc. ) working smoothly but Onedrive need to be get fixed.

  50. ANUP SUBUDHI (Verified Purchase)

  51. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Software working perfectly

  52. Mohit Khemka (Verified Purchase)

    Instant receipt of email id. still working.

  53. Maha Sagar Mayur Pasalapudi (Verified Purchase)

    Happy to get the lifetime license at such a reasonable cost

  54. Manish Kumar (Verified Purchase)

  55. Nishant G. (Verified Purchase)

    Purchased office 365 – working like a charm.

  56. Ravi (Verified Purchase)

    it was good experience and product is also good bt facing issue with one drive that is from microsoft

  57. yatheesh (Verified Purchase)

    The service is good

  58. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine in mac os

  59. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine in mac os

  60. Saju Sudakar (Verified Purchase)

  61. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  62. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine in mac os

  63. Aditya (Verified Purchase)

    Please go head with this. 100% genuine . Will receive the code instantly as you make the payment. Thank you

  64. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  65. Sumit Joshi (Verified Purchase)

  66. Satish Patil (Verified Purchase)

  67. Kanwarjit Singh (Verified Purchase)

    Super.. Thanks

  68. Rakesh Patel (Verified Purchase)

  69. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Thanks for the help

  70. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine in mac os

  71. Phani Bandaru (Verified Purchase)


  72. Rahul (Verified Purchase)

    Great Experience

  73. Abhishek Sharma (Verified Purchase)

    Awesome and prompt service, highly recommended 😊

  74. Gautam (Verified Purchase)

    Absolutely hassle free fine

  75. Siddhesh S. (Verified Purchase)

    The process was completely hassle-free. Loved the service.

  76. Senthil K. (Verified Purchase)

    The application is wonderful gone through smooth installation I’m enjoying 100℅ of the application.

  77. Tejaswi Kondoju (Verified Purchase)

  78. PREMNATH (Verified Purchase)

    Good Seller, No issue with installation. Working Fine. Premnath

  79. Saranapal Bhikkhu (Verified Purchase)

  80. Jeisankar A (Verified Purchase)

    Easy Installation

  81. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Working well!

  82. ANJU M A (Verified Purchase)


  83. Manikandan S (Verified Purchase)


  84. PRABAKARAN DIWAKAR (Verified Purchase)


  85. Dr dipak Patel (Verified Purchase)

    Very nice and satisfactory service

  86. Nikhil (Verified Purchase)

  87. Himansu sekhar Pati (Verified Purchase)


  88. Ankit Tiwari (Verified Purchase)

  89. Avinash (Verified Purchase)

    Everything worked great. FYI since this is O365, you get a user under the ACTsoftware entity and not a personal account, in case someone has an issue with that just putting it out here.

  90. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Team is very supportive.

  91. Pradip Kumar (Verified Purchase)

  92. Chandana Sri Harsha (Verified Purchase)


  93. Harinath K Shetty (Verified Purchase)

    Easy installation with user credentials. Economical.

  94. Prasanna Chitrapadi Ganappai (Verified Purchase)

  95. Harshit sinha (Verified Purchase)

    Very good and genuine quick delivery of credentials

  96. Alok (Verified Purchase)


  97. Milan Israni (Verified Purchase)

  98. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    It’s good one, solve my daily official issues.

  99. Muthu Kumar (Verified Purchase)

    Easy and good

  100. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine till now….

  101. PARESH AKHEDI (Verified Purchase)

  102. Dr Chetan S. (Verified Purchase)

    Great product at awesome and affordable price. The activation was smooth and easy with the detailed steps provided in the email. Thank you Act Software and keep up the good work.

  103. Akhil Pathania (Verified Purchase)

  104. Amrutlal Patel (Verified Purchase)

  105. ravi kant singh (Verified Purchase)

  106. IRFAN M. (Verified Purchase)

    super fast activatijon

  107. Divyanshu Joshi (Verified Purchase)

    tq so much for the experience

  108. Chethan Shetty (Verified Purchase)

    Genuine product easy to purchase. you can easily trust as you are buying from microsoft

  109. GURMAIL SINGH (Verified Purchase)

    Most trusted

  110. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine in mac os

  111. Sanjay Singh (Verified Purchase)

    thank you

  112. Head SoS in Mathematics (Verified Purchase)

  113. Nikhil Pasari (Verified Purchase)

    Prompt service

  114. Ashok Gulati (Verified Purchase)

    Value for money super item! Thankyou ACT!

  115. Sibu (Verified Purchase)

    Great software. Installation didn’t have any issues

  116. Ashutosh Shrivastava (Verified Purchase)

    It sure works now i have an activated office setup along with 5TB of One drive cloud storage.

  117. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine in my Mac os

  118. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    i m using ActSoftware for a long time, their service is ver good and as a student i will keep using it

  119. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Thank you

  120. Shuhaib Iqbal (Verified Purchase)

  121. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Genuine and really good.

  122. SANDEEP SUHANE (Verified Purchase)


  123. vignesh a (Verified Purchase)

    Best and genuine purchase for office 365

  124. Palla chandra Venkata sai (Verified Purchase)

    I thought it was fake/fraud, but finally i decied to pay..!!
    Instantly the delivery to mail with account details..!! I was fine and very happly..!!
    Nice and super fastly delivered

  125. Chandan Garg (Verified Purchase)

  126. Rajesh Pindoriya (Verified Purchase)

  127. CH Chandrashekhar (Verified Purchase)

    Initially it was a bit of a challenge. Interacting with technicians I could login to MS Office & download the Office apps. Configured the Outlook including one drive. I am yet to use the apps. So far so good. I feel at present it is worth the effort. Thank you. 👍

  128. MEDPHA AGENCIES (Verified Purchase)


  129. asaf (Verified Purchase)

    Works perfect and if there are issues, the support team remediates in a matter of 2-3 days max. And of course – amazing price.

  130. MAHADEVAKUMAR DM (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing Profuct

  131. Ravi Kaneria (Verified Purchase)

    If I can change the account name then it will great for us because it is very useful

  132. Vibin (Verified Purchase)

  133. Rohit (Verified Purchase)

    First i thought, its a fraud but when i pay the amount, instantly Received a Email with id & password. Its 100% working ,Very happy

  134. ARIJIT SAMANTA (Verified Purchase)

    Great experience

  135. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Just go for it with any trust issue. It is working like charm and I am operating full MS office on My IPad Pro..

  136. Ganesh B (Verified Purchase)

    Very genuine key. The installation of the software and activation was super easy and glitch free. Highly recommended.

  137. YOGESH SHAH (Verified Purchase)

  138. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)


  139. Amlan Pradhan (Verified Purchase)

  140. Devesh Pathak (Verified Purchase)

    Really Reliable

  141. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)


  142. kishor bagade (Verified Purchase)


  143. Dharmil Tailor (Verified Purchase)

  144. Shaju Antony Punnaliparambil (Verified Purchase)


  145. alvin jeyaraj (Verified Purchase)

  146. AMEY H. (Verified Purchase)

    Good ! Easy installation, working as expected

  147. Arvind (Verified Purchase)

    Easy download and installation. Working satisfactorily.

  148. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)


  149. Syed Yunus (Verified Purchase)

    Fulfill my purpose

  150. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Very nice

  151. MANISH (Verified Purchase)


  152. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    A smooth process of purchase and installation. Just one issue – one cannot change their name for the MS Teams account.

  153. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine mac os

  154. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  155. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

    The activation was successful and working fine. But they took almost a week to send the details and was not instant as mentioned. Had to follow-up.

  156. sg re (Verified Purchase)

  157. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent experience easy to install

  158. Sathish (Verified Purchase)

    It was very quick delivery and seamless

  159. Srinivasan (Verified Purchase)

    Good experience with Actsoftware. I hope this service will extend life time. When I use Ms office files the auto save option was disabled if I choose to save location this PC. So pls provide auto save option for any save file option.

  160. akshit khanna (Verified Purchase)


  161. Venkatesh (Verified Purchase)

    Very much reliable and timely service. Totally satisfied!

  162. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)


  163. Swati Sharma (Verified Purchase)

  164. Ananta Kumar (Verified Purchase)


  165. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)


  166. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

  167. alvin jeyaraj (Verified Purchase)

  168. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

  169. Kanishk Bansal (Verified Purchase)

  170. Prashanth Shyamala (Verified Purchase)

    At fiy, I couldn’t believe the offer on product but took the plunge and bought…. Brilliant 👍, it works ,it’s legitimate and btw it’s working good. Thanks!

  171. VIKASH KUMAR MADESIYA (Verified Purchase)

    Verry Vderry GOOD🫡🫡

  172. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

  173. Arindam (Verified Purchase)


  174. Ujjawal S. (Verified Purchase)

    Loved while shopping and got an unbelievable deal , first i thought it is a scam but i am both shocked and surprised

  175. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

    It is working good
    Happy to use

  176. Mohamed Kamil (Verified Purchase)

    I recently bought office 365 and really it is working, it is genuine the user name is provided by the ACTsoftware.
    Thanks for the support Act!
    I recommend to buy the keys with this online portal.

  177. RAJENDRAN DURAISWAMY (Verified Purchase)

  178. Santosh P (Verified Purchase)

    The service was good, quick and genuine

  179. Kumaran Sugunesan (Verified Purchase)

  180. Ankur Chaudhary (Verified Purchase)

    Hassle free experience

  181. Syed Omer Ahmed (Verified Purchase)

    Seamless buying experience and easy activation.

  182. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

  183. venugopalan m (Verified Purchase)

    Now it is working it shows lifetime similar purchase form other site expired before one year. We wants to Waite and see

  184. Anil Pandurang Bhosale (Verified Purchase)

  185. Ganesh Kumar P. (Verified Purchase)

  186. Sushmita Saha (Verified Purchase)

  187. Udhaya Kumar R (Verified Purchase)

    Great !

    Experiencing Office 365 at a minimal cost , On top of that a 5TB one drive storage enables you to shift your PC to cloud and work from anywhere!

  188. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

    It was smooth and eefective, let me sat the status after 6 months.

  189. Sushmita Saha (Verified Purchase)

  190. Sabaresh D (Verified Purchase)

    Great ! And genuine

  191. Santosh P (Verified Purchase)

    The process was very smooth and genuine software was given. Thank you for providing good service.

  192. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

    Seamless purchase and installation

  193. Pankaj (Verified Purchase)

    V good

  194. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

  195. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)


  196. JATIN (Verified Purchase)

  197. Prasad (Verified Purchase)

  198. Akshay Arjun (Verified Purchase)

    Nice and easy to install

  199. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

  200. jerrin john (Verified Purchase)

  201. Aseet A. (Verified Purchase)

    Original product, no gimic

  202. unni krishnan (Verified Purchase)

    It was a nice experience I got the licence immediately on payment.setup and instructions were so easy.I was a little bit hesitated for purchase thinking that it was fake but it really works.Than you

  203. Christy Stanley (Verified Purchase)

  204. Rajesh Aggarwal (Verified Purchase)

  205. ANUP SUBUDHI (Verified Purchase)

  206. Mehran Ahmed (Verified Purchase)

    Its worth buying.

  207. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  208. Fejal Kureshi (Verified Purchase)

  209. Senthil Kumar (Verified Purchase)

    Easy purchase and immediate delivery. Reliable and recommend purchasing it here

  210. Nisarg (Verified Purchase)

  211. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Working fine in my mac

  212. Ramalinga Reddy (Verified Purchase)

    My friend referred you,he is using your softwares.He suggested your website and your are products are I purchased office365.Thank you.

  213. Raiss Ahmed Ansari (Verified Purchase)

    Quick Delivery. SAVE10 discount didn’t worked while purchasing.

  214. Smita Singh (Verified Purchase)

    Easy guidelines for installation. Over all experience was good

  215. Atul A. (Verified Purchase)

    Software Works. Install and activation works seamlessly. Thanks

  216. sarthak changedeiya (Verified Purchase)

  217. shreyasm98 (Verified Purchase)

    Other sites are providing 12months license only. If this is lifetime than it will Godly..

  218. Alok Prakash Sharma (Verified Purchase)

    Act software service is great ☺️
    Keep providing great service like this

  219. MVK Enterprises (Verified Purchase)


  220. Hema Rao (Verified Purchase)

  221. Rahul Sharma (Verified Purchase)

    At first, I was afraid whether it was real or not, but after making the payment, I got a user name and password within a second. After entering the user name and password, the product registered within a second and worked as intended. Those who want to use Microsoft 365 can buy this at a cheaper price and it works fine for me. I am really satisfied with the purchase!

  222. Raghav S. (Verified Purchase)

    great deal

  223. Samarth E-Mobility (Verified Purchase)

  224. Harish (Verified Purchase)

  225. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Bought office 365, got the activated appd and also the 5tb space. Only thing is it will be in another name and not your personal name, but that is ok.

  226. Koustav (Verified Purchase)

    Perfect 😃

  227. Protim (Verified Purchase)

    was pleasantly surprised to receive the email id and temp password the moment payment was competed.. the details were along with info were mentioned in the invoice itself. If you are using mac, once the s/w is downloaded, installed and activated, my personal recommendation would be to delete the apps and install the same from app store.

  228. G Bharath (Verified Purchase)

    Thank you very much

  229. Vishal S. (Verified Purchase)

    Great service. I am able to use MS OFFICE at a much cheaper price.

  230. Vikas Gondalia (Verified Purchase)

  231. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Cheap and beautiful!

  232. Surekha S. (Verified Purchase)

    Nice, working fine, thanks

  233. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  234. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    support is very good, i was facing some issue while login to the account, i sent email, and go prompt response with fix. thank you for your support

  235. Nadeem (Verified Purchase)

    Instant delivery. Office 365 is working as expected. Never thought of getting it easily. Thank you!

  236. Subrata D. (Verified Purchase)

    The product worked perfectly. Highly recommend 👌

  237. Baiju Balan (Verified Purchase)

    I am satisfied

  238. abhay vora (Verified Purchase)

  239. Purushotham (Verified Purchase)

    Very reliable source for genuine office products. these guys rock!!

  240. Nilaknth Traders (Verified Purchase)

    The best ever online store.

  241. Nitin Dalvi (Verified Purchase)

  242. Akshay (Verified Purchase)

    the delivery was lightning fast and also setup instructions in mail were extremely clear.

  243. Sourav Das (Verified Purchase)


  244. chintamani pasayat (Verified Purchase)

    Very nice, suggest to buy.

  245. Arpan Roy (Verified Purchase)

    100% working and nice

  246. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Very much satisfied. Excellent customer service. Prompt response.

  247. Rajesh Mittal (Verified Purchase)

    I am not able to install one drive on third device with this account details, please help, regards

  248. Krishna (Verified Purchase)

  249. Khushi (Verified Purchase)

  250. Vikash Sharma (Verified Purchase)

    All good, but I don’t like user name act software.

  251. ROSORIKA (Verified Purchase)

    Lifetime and so affordable

  252. Haresh Maitreya (Verified Purchase)

    Everything was good, except after signing in it is showing as ACTSoftware.

  253. GOVARDHANA REDDY P (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing experience

  254. Milind (Verified Purchase)


  255. Jaishankar Rajendran (Verified Purchase)

    Purchasing and Activation Procedures are easy

  256. Akhil Pathania (Verified Purchase)

  257. Anurag Shakya (Verified Purchase)

  258. AK D (Verified Purchase)


  259. SaiManohar Avadhanula (Verified Purchase)

    As it’s Dynamic 365 given by company ACT
    So far it’s working great. But i have privacy concerns as i work in Digital forensics. Administration of company may have access to systems and Can Remove access any time. Even it allows access to your systems if it got logged in as Ms hello account. Rather than i prefer to login as 365 app in online or mobile even i pc as user 2.

    But pricing and service are quick and great.

  260. DONNY FAIA (Verified Purchase)

    Work’s perfectly

  261. NAYAN VAGH (Verified Purchase)

  262. Vivek Kumar Vulchi (Verified Purchase)

    Good Service and Products. Thanks

  263. VIPIN K. (Verified Purchase)

  264. Sujoy Roy (Verified Purchase)

    It was so easy. Thank you!

  265. ANKUR (Verified Purchase)

    Despite my initial doubts on the authenticity, I was proven wrong with the entire process. The mail comes right on time, the process that are elaborated are detailed and sufficient.
    One place where this could have been better- explaining why it is so cheap (ACT enterprise account) and removing all doubts right at the start

  266. KAVENDRA PULKIT (Verified Purchase)

    Great experience

  267. NITHIN PRAKASH (Verified Purchase)

    Good Product Customer support need to be improve.

  268. veldurthi sai rohith (Verified Purchase)

  269. Nithinprakash (Verified Purchase)

    Today i purchased the product, but i cant able to install the product in my tab i need assistance.

  270. SRI HARSHA G (Verified Purchase)

    Working nice

  271. Ayon K. (Verified Purchase)

    Quick, Simple and Secure

  272. Richa Sinha (Verified Purchase)

  273. Sreeraj G Pillai (Verified Purchase)


  274. Sudipta Sipun Sekhar Patra (Verified Purchase)

  275. Amit Kumar (Verified Purchase)

    Nice service… thought was fake initially…but got activated as promised next day …thnaks

  276. PUSPEN SARKAR (Verified Purchase)


  277. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)


  278. syed Anas (Verified Purchase)

    Ordered this product for second time, works fine, highly recommended

  279. Shreyash Yadav (Verified Purchase)

    The best Version of Office till date and hats off to Act software for providing it at such an amazing price.

  280. Veeresh Rao (Verified Purchase)

  281. Harshal (Verified Purchase)

  282. Ratheesh R Nair (Verified Purchase)

  283. suryakant singh (Verified Purchase)

  284. Ravinder K. (Verified Purchase)

    Too good

  285. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Thanks for the great product. The software works well

  286. VIVEK SHAH (Verified Purchase)

    It’s unbelievable. It was so quick and easy to transact and affordable prices with discount codes.

  287. Srinath S S (Verified Purchase)

    Fully satisfied with your product. On time service too. Thanks.

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  289. Asish Mandal (Verified Purchase)

  290. Gulshan Soni (Verified Purchase)

    Prompt delivery

  291. Prijil (Verified Purchase)

    I’m fully satisfied with the service and got what I wanted

  292. Sagar Thummar (Verified Purchase)

  293. MANOJ KUMAR VERMA (Verified Purchase)


  294. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  295. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    They helped me out when i had some issues during installation. Thank you so much

  296. Yash Shah (Verified Purchase)

    Really very Happy after this purchase…. Compatible with Mac

  297. Akash R. (Verified Purchase)

    It was geninue and worth

  298. kishor bagade (Verified Purchase)

  299. Rakesh Gupta (Verified Purchase)


  300. Nandhakumar Mahendran (Verified Purchase)

    Good product works perfectly only one issue if we get customized email address it will be more useful and convenient thank you act software team

  301. JAYESH PATEL (Verified Purchase)

    Quick response but provide mobile no so we can contact you for any query

  302. Madhu Babu (Verified Purchase)

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    My doubt is would this last forever or licences expire if the organisation would change / close

    but since we need to use the username and password provided by you, even though we later change the password, i think the admin would have access to files in onedrive ?

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    I initially had an issues with activating the key, I thoughtthis was fake, Thanks to ACT support they helped me with new liscence and it works perfect. Thankyou one again.

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    5TB – One Drive Storage in Awesome!

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  597. Debanjan Roy (Verified Purchase)

    Extremely satisfied.

  598. SUBHASISH (Verified Purchase)

    good service received activation within minutes after

  599. Upendra Chaudhari (Verified Purchase)

    very happy with the service and product, it is genuine

  600. Akhil Pathania (Verified Purchase)

    It’s really been a game changer in my day today life and I owe a big thanks to the Actsoftware team.

  601. Rajesh Kumar (Verified Purchase)

    It’s working . Firstly I thought It is a scam buy its working.

  602. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Legit software just one problem you can’t edit the name. Don’t store sensitive data in one drive provided by the company. Other than that its awesome

  603. Rajesh Kumar (Verified Purchase)

    Abhi tak toh sahi hai if any problem I face I will update .

  604. DEBARGHYA DAS (Verified Purchase)

    Good service..instant delivery

  605. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  606. Manash Gogoi (Verified Purchase)

    Its works perfectly fine just a minor issue we can’t edit the name given for the account remaining everything is flawless

  607. Mayank Aggarwal (Verified Purchase)

  608. Dhrubajyoti Basu (Verified Purchase)

    Fast, reliable, effective & reasonable

  609. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  610. Mahesh B. (Verified Purchase)

    Great experience

  611. HARIPRASAD SEKAR (Verified Purchase)


  612. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  613. RINTU MAURAY (Verified Purchase)

  614. Subhash C. (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent service, genuine provider, can purchase with closed eyes. One click activation

  615. MOHAN KUMAR NS (Verified Purchase)

    Really Excellent. Working Good

  616. Aniket (Verified Purchase)

  617. subh.chodankar (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent support and its 100% genuine product, thanks a lot

  618. Aditya Agrawal (Verified Purchase)

    100 % working as of now but dont know about future

  619. Anirudhya Gupta (Verified Purchase)

    Installation went smooth no issues at all as of now.

  620. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Till now its good working fine

  621. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  622. Ravi (Verified Purchase)

    I purchased office 365 for my home use. The installation is easy and activated from Microsoft without any issues.

  623. Prashant Singh (Verified Purchase)

    You cannot change the name it’s not a product key but the existing account, but it works very well and is worth the amount.

  624. Vineet (Verified Purchase)

  625. actsoftware (store manager)

    Yes, it does.

  626. JITENDR JAIN (Verified Purchase)

    Working 💯% as advertised. I am fully satisfied. 👍🏼

  627. Sanjeev Ohri (Verified Purchase)

    It worked for me too. Though i have just downloaded and not used yet. But the process is smooth, your money is safe. This might be pirated but the job is done. Thanks Act

  628. Kripayan Bose (Verified Purchase)

    Wow! It’s working fine. At first I thought this is fake/scam, but I got the login id and password in my email within a minute. Installation was hassle free.

  629. Prakash Patel

    Working 💯% as advertised. It took few hours before I got my password. I am fully satisfied. 👍🏼

  630. Sucharith Anusuri (Verified Purchase)

    just wow

  631. Radon Pushpen (Verified Purchase)

    Initially I thought of it as a fake, but I took risk after reading all reviews. I successfully downloaded it in first device, only thing to keep in mind is you will get new ID and password which they clearly mentioned in Q & A, it’s not renewal of your existing or expired I’d. Otherwise you can definitely go for it. Highly cost effective and recommended.

  632. Sathi Surya Suhas Reddy (Verified Purchase)

    1. Delivered Instantly after the payment.
    2. Worked Perfectly.
    Worth your money. Go for it.

  633. Chander Prakash (Verified Purchase)

    office 365 working perfectly fine. thanks for the service @actsoftware

  634. Ram Trivedi (Verified Purchase)

    100% Genuine product – go for it
    Like others, I was skeptical about this product as it’s way cheaper and I was not sure if I can trust this site. On top it U got a “transaction failed” error after paying the money and there was no way to contact customer support. Only option they have is to send them message via “contact us” form. For 2 days I was not able to reach them and I thought I lost my money. However they reverted back after 2 days and provided me download details. So software is 100% genius however I would suggest the seller to publish number/email for customer support so that people have avenue to contact them. Also I recommend user to update security info after changing their password. Here is how you can do that,
    – Click on top right icon and click on “View account”
    – From Left menu select “Security Info”
    – Add your mobile number and authenticator app for password reset and recovery.
    Then you are all set.

  635. kamal yagnyam (Verified Purchase)

    finally installed.great

  636. Vignesh Kamath (Verified Purchase)

    1) Attractive pricing and good for home and family use.
    2) Legitimate dont have to wait for the mail after the payment is successful on the final invoice page the Login and password credentials are already there in the same page just scroll down and you can find it right there.
    3) The moment you login for the first time you can change the password given to you to your own custom password.

    For now usable.

  637. Joel Gladstone P (Verified Purchase)

    I received the product key. Sorry for giving 1* rating

  638. Thaneem Rayan (Verified Purchase)

    I ordered it twice… i got both of it instantly after the payment… great job act software… looking forward to buying more from you…

  639. mohit

    i got the software thanks

  640. Binoy K P

    Its working fine. Link for downloading and installation of windows 10 is provided. I got key immediately after payment. Thanks.

  641. Rakesh Sardar (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing……!!!! 100% genuine key.

  642. anandmalvade121 (Verified Purchase)


  643. Shobhit Shrivastava (Verified Purchase)

    Unbelievable…..this is 100% legitimate download. Go for it. At this price you won’t get it anywhere else.


    good job, awesome

  645. Shiva Verma (Verified Purchase)

    Works like a charm. Just don’t forget to ‘Accept terms of agreement’ in the pop-up.
    Thanks for the support.

  646. Rajasekarababu KB (Verified Purchase)

    100% genuine, it’s working. Great deal with actsoftware.

  647. Samadhan Raut (Verified Purchase)

    got it

  648. laokar07 (Verified Purchase)

    Got the premium account instantly this website is totally legit.

  649. Vageesh (Verified Purchase)

    Received the password a few hours later. Installed it and started using. All apps working fine. Was bit skeptical but turnout to be a real one. One drive also works fine. It is password protected and could be secured I guess! Recommended!

  650. ankitkumarvermavns (Verified Purchase)

    genuine license key . i had purchase 3 sep 2021. it works and fine . i m enjoy office 365 use

  651. Gopikrishna Renganathan (Verified Purchase)

    I purchased today after seeing the reviews , I was in doubt , but they got me excel on my Mac :P, no kidding , I am on cloud nine , yay ,thanks to ACTSOFTWARE

  652. Anubhav Bose (Verified Purchase)

    You receive the key instantly, and so far it is working fine! Good experience!

  653. Aswin (Verified Purchase)

    Today i purchased Office 365. Initially i thought they fooled me until i got their mail. They sent the login details mail after 5 hours of purchase. It worked fine

  654. nileshadkar (Verified Purchase)

    Team provided New license account and worked very well. Reliable service. Took more than few hours to deliver, but thats OK.
    Good job..!!

  655. Saket

    This service is so unreal. We are getting a lifetime subscription for less than the cost of 1 month. This is so good. Love you guys!!!!!!!

  656. Debmalya De (Verified Purchase)

    Receive user id and password after payment. It’s working

  657. Sanket (Verified Purchase)

    Genuine product. As soon as I made payment, within 5 minutes I got login details and my Office got activated successfully. Awesome service and product.

  658. Prudhvi raj Harigoppula (Verified Purchase)

    I got response for my message and got user name and login for office and got it installed. Thank you.

  659. harikrishnan606 (Verified Purchase)

    When i contacted them they gave new email and password… now it works….

  660. Anupam Srivastav (Verified Purchase)

    Recieved Thanks it’s great working

  661. Abhinav Sarvari (Verified Purchase)

    It is actually working. Under some organization account though. Better download app and work with it in your machine locally by installing apps.

  662. Deepak

    Received link to download software along with license code as soon as payment made. Once software is installed was able open excel and activate license.

  663. Anonymous

    Awesome..Thank you so much.

  664. shivashish agrawal


  665. Anish B.

    Must Buy…
    Very Good Pricing.

  666. Ankit Dhilpe

    thank you so much foe helping me its working 100%

  667. Pranav C.

    Seamless ordering. Hassle free payment. Swift delivery. Product working as expected. 5 star experience. Will definitely come back for more.


    Worth the money.!

  669. Raghunath

    It works. Just after payment, you get your credentials. Excellent. Thankyou

  670. Anirban Karfa

    it was authentic and easy however I am yet to check on 5TB storage but till now 3 devices are working fine.

  671. Anonymous

    Great prompt delivery instant

  672. balaji rao komaleswaram

    Pretty cool and easy

  673. Jintu Kumar Bania

    It is 100% working. The only thing is that the account we get is registered with some organization and if you forget the password there is no way to recover your account. Otherwise the product is good and 5TB storage is real.

  674. Diwakar Soni

    Awesome work team. I would highly recommend this.

  675. VIKAS K.

    I purchased the office 365 at very low price. It is working perfectly. Happy to purchase this product at a very cheap price..

  676. ARC Industries

    thought will be shady at first. but i love it. especially the 5tb storage. Actually works.
    Thank you soooo much 🙂

  677. Anonymous

    Genuine and verified products as far as MS Packages are concerned. No Privacy theft as in you get a designated link user can change their passwords of their official ID’s….Get Bundle packages….One click delivery…no waiting time…Appreciated.

  678. Sudipta Gayen

    Product is super value for money. Only drawback is you can’t change your name and some other details. I wish admin will let us do that in future.


    Very good product

  680. mufaddal daginawala

    i did not believe that ms office at this price. i just speculate 549. but it come with licenses and activate with 100% working.

  681. Rajaraman Venkataraman

    Quiet unbelievable. Saw the link on youtube. To be honest initially thought it was a scam. But risked it as the amount was less. Glad to say I did it.

  682. dharmesh94083

    Got mine, They are Genuine, But there is a twist.
    You can not create your own ID, they will provide you the details to sign in. This is under some organization. Please don’t keep the sensitive data within this account, otherwise, it’s great.

  683. saketh.adhikarla

    As Mr. Akshay said in his review, the product is working 100000000% fine without any problems so far, but don’t know about the future as it’s under an organisation & all the rights of these accounts are with the admin, Just Believing SOFTKART, Let’s see, hope for the best

  684. Akshay

    Amazing! At first I thought this was some kind of scam and was really scared to go with it, but when I made the payment instantly the email id and password were provided to me.

    I logged in with that and VOILA, I now have all the O365 apps at such a low cost for a lifetime(*), this is unbelievable.

    (*) – Just a small catch that the ID is under some organization and we don’t know if this lifetime will actually last a lifetime, but not a bad deal for the cost!

    GO FOR IT!

  685. S SINGH


  686. Roten

    Good one.

  687. Rupesh Gupta

    I was afraid to go ahead tbh but it worth it now,
    Thanks guys.

  688. Rahul Warrier

    Alright, This just blew my mind. I literally have 5TB of Storage and all the apps are working fine as hell. I highly recommend it.

  689. V T

    Actually works.

  690. Ephreim Harris Ebens

    Thank you!

  691. Veera Prakash Jale

    working 100%

  692. Janardhanan Shanmugam

    While am purchasing I didn’t believe. But it’s working 100%. But it will come with your name.

  693. Senthil Murugan

    To be honest at first I thought its a fake company, but after I installed office with the license key received within 2hrs. I got my hope and feeling happy now.

    Keep up the good work !!!

  694. Mr keerthi Ganesh

    This is working fine for my family too.
    Good service team.

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